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The research resulted in a map that shows the connections among Huntly people and the ways they keep alive face to face relationships.To do this the artists asked people they met in Huntly to introduce them to one of their friends, asking them again for an introduction, like a chain letter or Chinese whisper, thereby creating a human contact net, mapping all the real friendships in town.

Friendships are relationships in which an individual knows who each person is, and how each of us relates to other people.

Looking at the pattern of relationships within a group of 150 there are a number of inner circles based on the level of intimacy.

Celia González and Yunior Aguiar came to Huntly in Spring 2013 from Havana/Cuba.

They have collaborated since 2004 on diverse range of projects under the name Celia - Yunior, in Cuba and elsewhere. Many believe that in the era of social media the very concept of friendship is changing, radically altering our circles of affection.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, it can be argued, are allowing us to have more freinds, in more places, and on our own terms; offering us the opportunity to stay in touch more, to become involved more frequently and intimately in our friends lives.

Turn on your latop, or mobile phone, and you are connected instantly.

Our social networks, he says, have a distinctive structure based on multiples of three, distinguishing friends from acquaintances by the way you feel about them.Or is in fact social media, Facebook Celia-Yunior aimed to map real friendships in a time of virtual social networks.The project investigated people's relationships in the facebook era.During their 3 months residency in Huntly, they gathered information offered by our townfolks' friendships.The place became the space where we could find direct human relations next to cybernet connections.Friends are described as people with whom you really want to spend time with, while acquaintances are characterised by a momentary convenience.

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