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The piece uncovers our true nature of judging people who are different on all ways of life, and seeing a speck in another prson's eye while ignoring a log in our own.There is a lot to learn from the piece - thanks Jon Stewart "Religious Jews", what an oxymoron.

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(The reminder that they are not following the mitzvot.) I welcome religious jews to move into my neighborhood.

They are family people who take care of their homes and their neighborhoods. Yes, they keep to themselves and although there may be that % as in any group or generalization that are they are nor a violent group or a hateful group.

you should be ashamed of yourselves for ridiculing a devoted people!!

how much longer will the world joke and poke and make fun of something .......JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND??? Let the people be a people and let them have the God they want...their Eruv. Rather than complain about the joking, one should focus on the reality of the situation: There are in fact antisemetic Jews and Shelley should be ashamed of that instead of the projection that such exist by the goyim.

If they didn't exist, this show would never have been.

When I was looking for my job in a new city, only the Jewish agencies would not allow me to have Shabbat and Yomim tovim off.

var player Instance = jwplayer("aish-video"); player Instance.setup({ file: " Jew Line.mp4", height: (400 - 26), width: 500, title: "The Thin Jew Line", description: "A little piece of string causes a big uproar.Well not that big.", image: ' Preview-Jewlarious-500x376.jpg', sharing: { link: " } }); The fact that people are making issues about an eruv doesnt make any sense. It's taking the mickey out of ordinary Jews who are intolerant of their own kind - and it's about time! I don't even live in the US so I have nothing to gain - but I am a Jew and it sickens me to see this kind of intolerance among Jews.Would the make a big deal if they put up ugly street lamps? It is racist to generalize peoples manners just because of how religous they are. How can Christians be expected to support an Eruv if non-orthodox Jews don't! Imagination is funny --it makes the cloudy day sunny--but circumventing the kosher laws for such an imaginary cause is akin to pushing the envelope beyond what's intended & one has to be careful of who is offended ? The Eruv has no ties to the laws of Kosher, it simply allows Jews to carry on Sabbath (inc.pushing strollers...) by making the entire area into one domain for the purposes of Sabbath (B/C Jewish Laws prohibit carrying from one domain to another on Sabbath).Every xtian one permitted it and said, "We have no problem with that." Obviously, my religion did not interfere with the job but the Jewish agencies claimed it did.They were just hateful of the observant because the observant are the "tzitzit" of their lives.

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