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And I got better and now I'm totally back on top.But the way we've always created was we went into the rehearsal studio, wrote all the stuff, put all the songs together and then Rick [Rubin] would come in during the last period and go through them with us and help us organize them. But I really want you guys to create and write in the studio with me there." He's from a hip-hop background and that's how he puts down tracks.

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I couldn't see and I had this flat spot on the mountain and : I just smashed my arm. It was a big, big complicated surgery to get it all back and six months of not being able to play bass. They stuck a jar of Vicodin down my throat and I was on a morphine drip in the ambulance. Even though I felt I wanted to be out of my comfort zone and make myself vulnerable and do something new, I didn't know what my right direction was out of my comfort zone.

I broke it in like five places and got really bad nerve damage. Brian [Danger Mouse] wanted us to create in the studio.

I'm sure part of you worried the accident would permanently impact your bass playing. It wasn't so scary when I wasn't playing.

I was worried that if we did too much of what he wanted to do, we would lose what was great about us.

I was also worried that if we moved too far the other way, he wouldn't get what he was good at.

I was just like, "Fuck, we might end up getting stuck in this middle ground." I just thought, "Well, look, we'll go in and in the first week if it's not happening, we're out of there." I was going to do what he wanted and embrace it and see what happened.

I just didn't want to lose the mightiness of us as a band, the raw identity. We had a spontaneity and a warmth, the human interaction that happens when you do that. In his place they brought in Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton, who radically switched up their working methods. I was having the greatest time of my life and the funny part of the story is this: I was snowboarding with Anthony [Kiedis] and we ran into Lars Ulrich. When the bone initially broke, I knew it really hurt. I thought I just tweaked it, but when I got down the mountain I was like, "OK, I think I really broke it." That's when they put me in an ambulance. I was so bummed and it just kind of dawned on me that I felt like I let everybody down because we couldn't record our record, but we had written all our stuff. There were four or five months where I didn't play at all. During that part, I just figured I'd be able to play again.We spoke with Flea about the band's creative breakthrough, his devastating snowboarding accident that significantly delayed the recording, their ongoing tour and what the future might hold for Atoms for Peace. He had a house up there so we were snowboarding down with Lars' kids and me and Anthony. My arm started swelling up right away, and I thought I just really tweaked it. They tried to put me in one of those little sleds so I could be carried down by the ski patrol. I thought at worst I just broke it and I'd be in a cast for a month or two. This is going to be a major surgery." How long ago did this happen? What was really scary was when I started to play again.First off, tell me how your broke your arm snowboarding. We are laughing down the mountain – hooting and hollering, having the greatest time. And then a gal looked at my X-rays and said, "There are big pieces of bone shorn off. I went to play just one little note and a bunch of pain shot up my arm. For the first month I was just trying to play the simplest things and my hand wouldn't do it. " What was scarier than never being able to play again was not being able to do what I've always done, not being free, not being able to do my thing and continue as a bass player. Was Danger Mouse attached to the record before the accident or did he enter the picture afterwards?Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers have the same managers. I said to Lars, "We should take a picture of one of us lying in the snow all misshapen and stuff, like Pollyanna when she falls off the house. It was about three months of playing before I was able to go in and record our record. There were a few things my hand didn't want to do, but it's all back now. He was attached before, but I think we all sort of felt differently about it.And take a picture and trick [our management company] Q Prime that one of us broke our leg." We were laughing about it and literally 40 seconds later, we were jetting down a mountain going like 50 miles an hour, and I just wiped out so bad. There was a lot of confusion about what the right thing to do was. We wanted to use a different process from what we were used to.

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