Who is don swayze dating

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What are the odds; on March 4th 1973, the Classics IV entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at #100 with a completely different song titled "Rosanna", it remained on the chart for three weeks, peaking at #95...

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As for those posting jokes about the death of a very talented and fine man, I can not imagine you have ever had any dealings with death of those close to you. Paich needed a name that fit well in the chorus so he used her name.

The song is said to have no meaning to the relationship, it was just a coincidence she and Porcaro broke upthis is a great song.

Yes it is true that Steve Porcaro was the one dating Rosanna Arquette at the time, and I witnessed this first hand, but David Paich wrote the song and I know this as a fact from the time of them working on it and from later interviews, and it was not written about Rosanna Arquette.

David Paich wrote it about a former lover of his, though he is not one to share such things, and chose not to use her name.

Having left the name blank, David brought the song to the groups and they decided together to use the name Rosana.

I believe it was Lukather who made the suggestion, so perhaps this is where the confusion comes from. Arquette was very amiable and much liked by the guys in the band so it was easy to agree.

"The Los Angeles County Coroner's office lists the cause of death to be a heart attack from atherosclerosis induced by cocaine use, not from an allergic reaction to the pesticides as presumed (and stated by Toto in the band's official history) immediately after his death." - Wikipedia I worked in the industry at the time and was around the studios in those days, but learned this more from watching interviews than anything else.The coroner initially thought Jeff died from insecticide poisoning.However, later, the coroner stated that cocaine was found in Jeff's system, and the effects of long-term use caused a hardening of the arteries.There was no insecticide present in the toxicology report.The friends and family disagree, but friends and family always do. He is a disinterested third party with no reason to lie.I think just about every guy who met the girl at that time was in love with her so it was an excellent choice. She and keyboardist Steve Porcaro were dating however the song was written by David Paich and already finished by the time of the breakup.

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