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Quick Take: The antithesis of his scheming twin sister, Sami, Eric was Roman and Marlena Brady’s pride and joy.Kind and good natured, he always put others ahead of himself.

He has since left the priesthood and continues to struggle to get his life together.

Played by: Rory Beauregard (1984)Jesse Davis (1985 to 1986)Edward Palma (1986)Bradley Hallock (1986 to 1992)Jensen Ackles (1997 to 2000)Greg Vaughan (2012 to present)Brothers and Sisters: Aside from his twin sister, Sami; Eric has three half-sisters, Carrie, Cassie and Belle, and a half-brother, Rex. He also shared a sweet romance with Greta Von Amberg.

A Brand New Brady Eric and his twin sister, Sami, were born to Roman and Marlena Brady back in 1984.

(Both characters have since been aged.) Extremely close growing up, the pair were sent off to live with their maternal grandparents in Colorado as children.

While Sami resurfaced in Salem as a teenager, Eric didn’t come back to his hometown until he was older.

Troubled Times Upon his return, Eric, who always had a strong connection to Sami, quickly caught onto her amnesiac act.

Their twisted relationship left Eric at odds with his father and nearly destroyed his sweet girlfriend, Greta. 8, as part of the NBC soap’s ongoing 50th anniversary celebration.In the photo below, he and co-star Stephen Nichols (aka Patch) flash big smiles on set at the Brady Pub.RELATED — Get Details The daytime drama is marking the milestone with a murder mystery that began earlier this summer, facilitating the return of fan favorites including Alison Sweeney, Thaoo Penghlis, Martha Madison and Nichols.The killer will be revealed during the week of Nov. Reckell has played Bo — brother of Roman and Kayla and (now ex-)husband to Hope — off and on since 1983.Ultimately, he had to leave Salem to get his life together and ended up devoting his life to God -- as a priest.

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