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Abandonware is pretty much any software (or hardware) that is ignored by most, if not all, major parties involved which includes but is not limited to the owner/creator, product support members and possibly copyright enforcement entities.Typically abandonware sex games are no longer available for legal purchase.

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Modern virtual sex games have a pretty big range as far as tech level with browser based virtual sex games being near the bottom and fully immersive VR headset required virtual sex games being at the top.

However, abandonware sex games are the earliest iterations of virtual sex games.

Most people remember FMV game technology from the 90's with such consoles as Sega CD.

With 4K resolution becoming a standard, FMV games are back and FMV sex games are pretty much the interactive porn equivalent.

More "interactive" than "virtual" as you are essentially choosing porn clips rather than being fully immersed with full control.

The most advanced current generation technology sex simulator game is 3D Girlz 2.

The most current and technologically advanced virtual sex games are usually not free.Below you will find P2P (pay to play) sex games that either require a monthly subscription or a one time payment in order to play.Many of these games are online only (MMO Sex Game) so an internet connection may be required to play.FMV (Full Motion Video) interactive sex games are a new idea built on an old game medium.The animation and graphical textures alone are on par with many mainstream PC games.Although there is not much of a "game" to 3D Girlz 2 it is still a fun 3D sex experience.

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