Validating xml document

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by Deepak Vohra 09/15/2004 An XML schema defines the structure of the elements and attributes in an XML document.

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However, there will be other cases when it will be beneficial to perform formal validation on your documents.

Validates the XML string/file against the specified XSD string/file.

The XML editor will process XML files that are invalid or not well-formed.

The editor uses heuristics to open a file using the best interpretation of the tagging that it can.

For example, an element with a missing end tag is simply assumed to end at the end of the document.

As you make updates to a file, the editor incrementally reinterprets your document, changing the highlighting, tree view, and so on.

To validate an XML document with the Xerces2-j parser, the Xerces2-j classes need to be in the classpath.The Xerces2-j parser may be obtained from the Xerces2-j page.Extract the Xerces-J-bin.2.5.0(for Windows) or Xerces-J-bin.2.5.0gz (for Unix) files to the installation directory of your choice.Add private class Validator extends Default Handler { public boolean validation Error = false; public SAXParse Exception sax Parse Exception = null; public void error(SAXParse Exception exception) throws SAXException { validation Error = true; sax Parse Exception = exception; } public void fatal Error(SAXParse Exception exception) throws SAXException { validation Error = true; sax Parse Exception=exception; } public void warning(SAXParse Exception exception) throws SAXException { } }Attribute( " Language", " Attribute( " Source", Schema Url);, using the JAXP parser.For an XML document to be based on an XML schema, the XML document is required to be validated with the schema.Many formation errors are easy to spot in the syntax highlighting, so you can easily correct obvious errors on-the-fly.

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