Validating email address

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As a result of the email validation process, you get a detailed validation status for each email address.We do not send any email to the recipient address during the entire validation process.

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To protect your email sender reputation, do not accept bad email addresses, and regularly check your databases to make sure your email addresses are still good to use.

If you want to verify lots of email addresses in one go or if you need an online, real-time email address verification solution for your website, application or call center, we have exactly the right solution for you: With our experience in email processing since 2003 - we are the makers of Clean Mail, one of the leading antispam & email security solutions in the market - we know how to validate email addresses better than everyone else.

More than 500,000 users worldwide rely on our products & services every day.

That is why many businesses have decided to integrate our online email address verification API directly into their sign-up forms.

This allows website visitors to correct errors in their email addresses instantly with the benefit that only valid email addresses are accepted and businesses can keep in touch with existing and prospective customers.

Our online real-time email verification API can be easily integrated in websites and applications and provides a detailed validation status for each email address.

The best way to capture good leads is of course to verify contact information right at the point of entry.Our online email validation process provides 100% accurate results in real-time.For each email address you get a detailed validation status.You can test our service for free - see the demo on this page.Enter the email address you want to validate (you can register for a free API key here).A recent Return Path study shows that bad email sender reputation, and not content, is responsible in 83% of all cases where email does not reach the intended recipients.

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