Updating a recordset

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When you move the record pointer onto one of the beginning or ending buffer records, no error happens, but the Recordset's Boolean property BOF (Beginning-of-file) or EOF (Endof- file) becomes True.You should always test the BOF property immediately after calling the Move Previous method and the EOF property after every call to Move Next, and you should test one or both of the properties after calling the Move method. Move First End If Read From Data End Sub If you programmatically loop through a Recordset, you must also check for the EOF property.

If there are no records, the BOF and EOF property are True.

You use Recordset objects to manipulate data from a provider.


The ADO Recordset object is used to hold a set of records from a database table.

A Recordset object consist of records and columns (fields).

In ADO, this object is the most important and the one used most often to manipulate data from a database.

(Notice the call to Read From Data, a procedure the programmer has written to populate controls with field data from the Recordset's copy buffer.) LISTING 8.10 USING THE EOF AND BOF PROPERTIES WITH MOVENEXT AND MOVEPREVIOUS Private Sub cmd Next_Click() rs Employees. An example of a record-processing loop might look like the code in Listing 8.11. Move Next Loop In this example, you always start at the first record in the rs Employees Recordset and go through the entire Recordset with Move Next.static void Join22a Job(Args _args) { Table Employee tab Empl; Table Department tab Dept; Table Project tab Proj; ; update_recordset tab Empl setting current Status Description = tab Dept . You might call these methods to programmatically process records, or you might call them in response to some user action, such as clicking buttons labeled Next, Previous, First, or Last.It is possible to move the record pointer too far (that is, past the beginning or end of the Recordset) with the Move, Move Next, and Move Previous methods.To help you avoid this problem, each Recordset has "buffer records" just before its first row and just after its last row.When you first open a Recordset, the current record pointer will point to the first record and the BOF and EOF properties are False.

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