The little black book of dating

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The second book of the Little Black Girl Lost series reveals all the damaging secrets of the first book.

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In exchange for sleeping with him, the married Napoleon grants Johnnie justice, while betraying his own morals.

Lucas Matthews, Johnnie's boyfriend and Napoleon's employee, has an affair with Marla Bentley, Napoleon's wife.

Lucas' inability to keep away from Marla's lust puts his life on the line.

Bubbles, Napoleon's bodyguard and right-hand man, constantly warns Johnnie and Lucas that the things they are doing are wrong and dangerous, but these warnings are meaningless to the naive teenagers.

After Johnnie quits prostituting, she gets a job as a maid for the Beauregards.

Though Johnnie doesn't have to work, she wants to get to know the white side of her family.

In the last year, before the second book began, Johnnie went from a church-going good girl, to a prostituting liar.Johnnie's troubles all started off on Christmas Eve, when her mother sold her virginity to a white man named Earl Shamus.Earl was a regular customer of her mother, Marguerite Wise, also a prostitute.Marguerite is later killed by the KKK leader, Richard Goode, who was also a regular customer.Johnnie wants justice for the death of her mother, and seeks the help of Napoleon Bentley.Bentley is a white Spaniard, who owns one of the hottest clubs on the black side of New Orleans.

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