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You do activities together such as going to movies, or hanging out with other friends, and you talk to one another about your feelings (instead of texting each other all the time).

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In the Mediterranean area, there is no good meal without its complements: wine, olive oil, ‘tapas’, and so on.

During your teen years, you will have many kinds of relationships, both friendships and those that are dating relationships.

Most of the time, these are fun, exciting, and healthy, and they make you feel good.

Sometimes, however, these relationships can be unhealthy and can be harmful either to you or other people involved.

Unhealthy relationships can be risky because someone can get hurt emotionally or physically.

In healthy relationships, you and your friend or the person you’re dating feel good about yourselves and about each other.

Communication is the most important thing in relationships.It forms the basis for respect and honesty and means that you listen to each other’s thoughts and opinions, and accept each other’s right to say no or to change your mind.In a healthy relationship, both partners are comfortable letting the other person know how they are feeling.You might disagree or argue sometimes, but in healthy relationships you should be able to talk things out together to reach a compromise that works for you both.If you're looking for authentic paella recipe, or the real sangria, Spanish tapas, or even the true gazpacho, look no further! Thanks for your visit, and enjoy your Spanish experience! All this can also be found at spain-recipes.com, as well as the best cookbooks and kitchenware, in order to provide you with a unique experience in the Mediterranean diet.

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