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The assumption of Orridge (The Citizens of London and their Rulers) that he was the ancestor of the Earls of Denbigh appears to be erroneous, and I have not found satisfactory confirmation of Stow's statement that he was a member of the Privy Council under Henry VI and Edward IV. He was specially obnoxious to Jack Cade's followers, who sacked his house, having previously induced the Common Council to petition for his dismissal from the Aldermanry. He married the daughter and heiress of Lord Hoo and Hastings, and was grandfather of Thomas Boleyn, Earl of Wiltshire, whose daughter married Henry VIII and was mother of Queen Elizabeth. He was imprisoned in Dudley Castle in the year 1456 as being supposed to be concerned in an attack made by the young mercers of London on the houses of the Lombard merchants (Dr. It may be inferred from a passage in the Chronicle III, Vitellius A xvi, fo. He was also (through Mary, Anne Boleyn's elder sister) ancestor of Nelson and of the late Earl of Kimberley (see pedigree in Orridge The Citizens of London and their Rulers, p. He had originally been a hatter and was translated to the Mercers Feb 1, 1486 (Letter Book K, fo.

New Style: consequently for the periods from Jan 1 to Mar 25, annually, till 1751, the years are later by one ..." Sheriff 1422-3. The alteration was made in consideration of the Mayor's infirmity, but it was continued until 1657, when the horseback procession was revived. His widow married (as her third husband) John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk of that house, (the "Jockey of Norfolk" who was killed at Bosworth). It is a curious coincidence that both William Brownes died in their respective years of office as Mayor. They were victims of an epidemic called the "Sweating Sickness". 317) says that "the pestilence carried off two Mayors and six Aldermen within the space of a week, referring as authority to Hecker's Epidemics of the Middle Ages, p. The "six Aldermen" were certainly inclusive of, not additional to, the "two Mayors." See also Kingsford Chronicles of London, p. He is said by Stow to have been the first bachelor Mayor. "It seemeth that a Lady Mayoress is something more than ornamental to a Lord Mayor, their wives' great portions or good providence much advantaging their estates to be capable of so high a dignity."Apprentice and afterwards partner of Sir William Hampton (Mayor 1472-3), of whose Will he was executor. The Dictionary of National Biography in its article on Tyndale, erroneously stated that Monmouth was knighted. He is the subject of an article in the Dictionary of National Biography, but I omitted to put the distinguishing mark to his name at p. In the article neither the name of his Ward nor the date of his election as Alderman is given and the date of his knighthood is incorrectly recorded. Wriothesley states that he was sworn previous to his discharge, which the entry in Repertory 11 (not ii.

He was returned three times in succession (1439, 1440, 1441) to the Court of Aldermen as one of the two from whom the Mayor should be elected, but was passed over on each occasion, and never served that office. If Cook ever had any Yorkist sympathies they were not very deep or lasting, and he was certainly a partisan of Henry VI at the time of his restoration in 1470, and suffered heavily afterwards for his support of the Lancastrians. He built the house in Bishopsgate, inhabited by Sir Thomas More 1518-23, known as Crosby Place, which in the 19th century was occupied as a restaurant. It happens that the document at the first of these references is a lease by Prior Newton in Feb, 1506, some months before his death and Percy's restoration, and the second, in which Bradwell is mentioned as Prior, is wrongly calendared under date 4 May, 1 Henry VIII (1509), whereas the MS. His son, Sir Giles Capel, was ancestor of Earls of Essex of the present line; his elder daughter married the first Sheriff 1496-7. They had a son and a daughter and she had died by 1542, when he remarried. for the City, and of Humphrey Pakington, who was father-in-law of four of its Aldermen. Died Oct 1556; Will (PCC 22 Ketchyn) 28 Jul; proved 12 Nov. Died 1549; Will (PCC 42 Populwell) 12 Jul; proved . Bartholomew's Hospital 1551-2 (Treasurer 1549-50); Surveyor-General Hospitals 1562-6; Comptroller-General Hospitals 1566-7; Auditor 1542-4; Master Merchant Taylors 1535-6. Fuller (Worthies, ii., 58) says of him that "whithersoever he went he left the finger-marks of his charity behind him." He did not accept office as Alderman until after committal to Newgate for refusing.

London 1422, 1423, 1437, 1447, 1450; Auditor 1421-4, 1429-31; Master Mercers 1426, 1430, 1435, 1442, 1449. He obtained his discharge from serving as Alderman on account of his being "much occupied with the King's service," and in lieu of paying a fine he undertook to "glaze in the best manner the Eastern gable or window of Guildhall.""Hatherle" is doubtless the correct form of the name, being that of the signature to his Will, but it is frequently written "Atherle" in the City records, some of the scribes apparently disregarding aspirates. His great grandson, Sir Anthony Cooke, had two daughters, who married respectively William Cecil, Lord Burghley (Queen Elizabeth's chief adviser) and Lord Keeper Sir Nicholas Bacon, whose son was Francis Bacon (Lord Chancellor) the great philosopher. Welch (in The Dictionary of National Biography) and Mr. But that batch of knights included John de Vere, Earl of Oxford, a keen Lancastrian partisan, and also Sir John Plomer who appears to have belonged to that party. London 1459, 1469, 1472; Auditor 1453-5, 1464-5; Master Mercers 1459, 1464, 1471, 1476. He was probably nearly related to Robert Fabyan, the chronicler (Sheriff 1493-4), but I have not found any definite evidence on the point. London 1487, 1489; Auditor 1476-7, 1483-5; Master Mercers 1480, 1489, 1495, 1505. There is an interesting account of the forcible ejectment of Percy from the Priorate in 1494 by the Bishop of London (Richard Hill) and of his restoration and resignation later in the year, in Cotton MS. There is a curious error in the Victorian County History, the writer asserting that Percy was not Prior in 1506 or 1509, referring to Letters and Papers Henry VIII, xvi, 503 (15) and Calendar of Ancient Deeds A 1773. London 1491, 1512, 1514-5; Auditor 1483-5, 1495-7; Master Drapers 1487-8, 1491-2, 1496-7, 1499-1500, 1504-5, 1509-10, 1511-2. Capel Court derives its name from Sir William Capel. Brother of Edward Wylford, Provost of Oriel College, Oxford, and father of John Wylford (Alderman, Sheriff 1544-5) and of Nicholas Wylford (M. He was married by 1519, but his wife's name is unknown. Knighted ; Secondary Bread St 1513-23; Auditor 1534-6; Master Skinners 1527, 1528, 1530, 1532, 1537, 1539. London 1523, 1536, 1539, 1541-2, 1545; Auditor 1519-21; Master Drapers 1531-2, 1535-6, 1540-1, 1543-4, 1545-6, 1548-9. John's College, Oxford, and a benefactor to Bristol aud Coventry and to Merchant Taylors' School. Stow describes him as "a grave, sober, wise and discreet citizen equal with the best and inferior to none of our time."Sheriff 1553-4.

His daughter was the second wife of Lord Marney, one of Henry VIII's courtiers. His son Thomas married a daughter of Robert Large (Mayor 1439-40). John Browne was ancestor of the Earls of Pomfret, the Lords Petre and the Cave-Browne-Cave Baronets. I have not found the exact dates of death of these six Aldermen, and I have therefore ex abundanti cautela state the period as within the space of a month. He married a lady who had previously been the wife successively of two Aldermen, W. His widow married successively Sir Richard Long and John Bourchier, Earl of Bath.

Originally an upholsterer, was admitted to the freedom of the Drapers' Company Apr 4, 1419 (Letter Book I, fo. Fuller in his Worthies says of him that he left 3,000 marks to charitable uses, so that "his bounty, like Saul, stands higher than any other from the shoulder upwards."His election as Prior of Holy Trinity was disputed, and although it received the Royal assent on Apr 21, 1445, similar recognition was accorded William Westkarre on May 23 following. One of the chief adherents of Richard Duke of Gloucester (Richard III) and brother of the preacher who asserted the invalidity of Edward IV's marriage and consequent illegitimacy of Edward V in a sermon at St. He is said to have been one of Richard's Privy Council. He also left money in his Will for the rebuilding of Cripplegate. The daughter by Kytson married Lord Fitz Warine, eldest son of the Earl of Bath by an earlier wife. His first wife died soon after he entered on his Mayoralty, and he married again within three months a lady who had been a widow for even a shorter time (Wriothesley's Chronicle, ii., 44, 45). He was father of Sir Thomas Blanke, Lord Mayor 1582-3.

Pomeroy was finally confirmed and received the temporalities on . He was father-in-law of William Browne (Mayor 1513-4). Another daughter of Sir Thomas married Sir John Spencer of Wormleighton, from which marriage are descended the Earls of Sunderland and Spencer and the later Dukes of Marlborough, Lord Randolph Churchill and Mr. Elder brother of Sir John Gresham (Lord Mayor 1547-8) and father of Sir Thomas, the founder of the Royal Exchange. London 1547-52, 1553, 1554 (bis), 1535, 1539; Auditor 1536; Treasurer St. He refused to accept the office of Alderman until four months after his election, having in the interval been fined 40 and had his shops closed and his "goodes and catalles" sequestered, and it was not until a week after he had been committed to Newgate that he finally surrendered. 330.)Son of John Wylford (Alderman, Sheriff 1499-1500). Bartholomew's Hospital 1547-8; Surveyor-General Hospitals 1557-8; Master Skinners 1533, 1538, 1542, 1547, 1551, 1555. He took as his third wife the daughter of Thomas Mirfyn (Mayor 1518-9), by which marriage he was ancestor of the Viscounts Strangford and of the later Lords Teynham.

Elder brother of William Canynges, the founder of St. He died when Mayor, and his successor in the Mayoralty (Sir W. His eldest son, Sir John, was father of Elizabeth, who married Sir Henry Neville of Braybrooke, from which marriage descended and the Lords Braybrooke, and his daughter Christian by her marriage with Sir John Thynne of Longleat was ancestress of the Marquesses of Bath. Bartholomew's Hospital 1547; Comptroller-General Hospitals 1557-66; Master Mint 1533-44; Under-Treasurer Mint 1544-51; Prime Warden Goldsmiths 1559-62. He retained his Aldermanry until his death, serving as Sheriff and Lord Mayor in due course. The Aldermanry of Portsoken, previously held ex officio by the Prior of Holy Trinity, had remained vacant since the dissolution of the Priory in 1532. He suffered imprisonment for five days in the house of Sheriff Suckley for refusing to accept the office of Alderman (Wriothesley's Chronicle, i., 134). Mary Redcliffe Church, Bristol, of which city both were natives. London 1450; Auditor 1446-8, 1453-5; Master Grocers 1452-4, 1459-60, 1468-9. Sir Richard was elected Lord Mayor at the special desire of the Sheriff 1540-1. Beaven notes, "From this date (1537) it became the established custom to elect the outgoing Mayor one of the Aldermanic Auditors for a period of two years; such elections being practically automatic, I have omitted to record them, but I have continued to note the dates at which future Aldermen served as Auditors, while still Commoners."He also at first refused to accept office and was committed to Newgate, but was sworn nine days after his election, when the claim of his guild, that of the Clothworkers, to be regarded as one of the greater Companies was first admitted. Henry Averell, Goldsmith, was elected to this post but apparently did not hold the office. He appears to have been the ancestor of George Canning, Earl Canning (Viceroy of India) and Lord Stratford de Redcliffe ("the Great Eltchi"), and this descent is ascribed to those statesmen in the Dictionary of National Biography (s.v. Garvagh) gives Thomas as the ancestor, while Burke's Extinct Peerage (s.v. London 1432, 1442; Auditor 1431-3; Will (PCC 27 Godyn) 26 Apr; proved . William Canynges), but this work contradicts itself a not uncommon occurrence by making William Canynges their ancestor, a few pages earlier in the same volume (s.v. Canning) substitutes John, the eldest brother of Thomas and William. A strong adherent of the Lancastrian Party and elected an Alderman at the personal recommendation of the King (Henry VI). "The succession in each Ward is given in Volume I (pages 1-224); the following list gives the chronological succession of persons. London 1431, 1439, 1442; Auditor 1427-9; Master Mercers 1425, 1429, 1434, 1441. The Court of Aldermen appointed Proctors to oppose the confirmation by the Bishop of London of Sevenok's election as Prior of Holy Trinity on the ground of immorality, but their opposition was ineffectual. Died ca May 1478; Will (PCC 36 Wateys) 15 Apr; proved . A younger brother of Thomas Josselyn from whom the Earls of Roden are descended. In 1910 the great hall was removed and re-erected at Chelsea. assumes to have been this Alderman's grandfather, is a purely mythical personage. itself, which I have inspected in the presence of an official at the Record Office, is quite clearly dated 8 Henry VIII (1516) - an instance of the way in which errors are perpetuated. Well known for his benefactions to Stratford-on-Avon, where he built the great stone bridge, and the house afterwards known as New Place, at which Shakespeare resided in his later years. His daughter married John Pakington, from which marriage the Lords Hampton are descended. Stow records that he "was the first private man who in his house near Clothworkers Hall built a turret to oversee his neighbors in the City, which delight of his eye was punished with blindness some years before his death." Fuller (Worthies, iii., 108) comments on this dictum of St thus: "I dare not concur with so censorious an author, because every consequence of a fact is not the punishment of a fault therein."Sheriff 1524-5. Son-in-law of Sir William Denham (Alderman, Sheriff 1534-5). He married the widow of Sir Ralph Warren (Lord Mayor 1536-). Bartholomew's Hospital 1557-9; Master Grocers 1547-8, 1549-50, 1553-4, 1558-9. In his Will dated May 30th, proved Jun 21, 1554 [PCC 3 More] his name is written "Wysse," which is probably correct. Hence, when one or more translations from one Ward to another took place in consequence of a single death or resignation, the new Alderman is regarded as taking the seat of the one who had died or resigned, not of the one to whose Ward he succeeded. The dates are given throughout according to the modern computation, i.e. Died 1448; Will (Lambeth--139a Stafford) 15 Mar; proved . He, when Mayor, introduced the custom of going from London to Westminster by barge instead of on horseback to be presented to the King or his representative. Fuller (Worthies, ii., 57) in reference to his knighthood of the Bath, remarks that "there is more of the carpet than of the camp in that Order." He repaired the City wall between Aldgate and Aldersgate. The 'Sir John Crosby, Alderman of London' whom the D. When Mayor he fined one of his Sheriffs, Robert Byfeld, 50 for "unfittyng words which the said Robert gave unto the Mair." The fine was used for "the Reparacion of the Condytes" (see Kingsford Chronicles of London, p. He was father of William Browne (Mayor 1513-4), and uncle of William Browne (Mayor 1507-8). Pat's note: the titles here should be Victoria County History, with no final 'n'. 40) has a quaint observation on the value of a help-meet for the chief magistrate. He was, like his immediate predecessor in the Mayoralty (Mathewe), a bachelor. He was the earliest Protestant Alderman of London, and the friend of William Tyndale the Reformer. London 1553; President Bethlem and Bridewell 1557-8, 1559-61; Surveyor-General Hospitals 1558-61; Master Mercers 1543, 1550, 1555, 1561. The first Protestant Lord Mayor; founder of Drayton School, co. He (as did Sir Richard Gresham) secured considerable grants of land from the spoils of the monasteries. Stephen's Church, Walbrook, as "A friend to Virtue, a Lover of Learning, A prudent Person and worthy Counsellor, A Lover of Wisdom, of Justice a Furtherer." From his uncle, Ralph Hill, were descended the first Viscount Hill, the Peninsular general, and Rowland Hill, the celebrated preacher. Grandson of John Lok (Alderman, Sheriff 1461-2), father of Michael Lok the traveller, and grandfather of Henry Lok, a writer of religious sonnets and psalms whom Warton describes as "the British Maevius." He was married four times and left issue by the first two, 13 sons and 6 daughters. In Wriothesley's Chronicle, i., 183, it is printed "Wishe." He was committed to Newgate for refusing to accept office on Apr 13, 1547, but was sworn and immediately discharged Apr 21.

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