Shia labeouf dating isabel lucas

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La Beouf was given a DUI citation (although he did not cause the crash).Shia La Beouf’s co-star Isabel Lucas — who was riding in his truck when it flipped over the weekend — doesn’t think the “Transformers” star was drunk when they crashed.

Lucas has done her best to stay out of the spotlight the last few days.

She escaped with some head injuries, while La Beouf had extensive hand surgery.

When the press finally caught up with her today, Grenier did all the talking for her.

[From TMZ] That’s a nice and supportive thing to say about your daughter, and I’m guessing it’s true that most sober people wouldn’t get into a car with someone who was obviously intoxicated.

But there’s certainly a chance that if La Beouf was drinking, Lucas might have been as well. It certainly is a logical thing for a parent to say that their child wouldn’t knowingly put themselves in danger, or let someone endanger others.

I do find the whole hanging out with a hot guy who’s not your boyfriend at three in the morning to be a little suspicious.

Meanwhile, the mom says Isabel is doing well and is “back at work,” unlike Shia, who could be on the bench for as much as a month because of his busted hand.Transformers star Isabel Lucas stayed mum when asked by photographers Tuesday about being a passenger in Shia La Beouf’s truck when they crashed early Sunday morning, leading to his DUI arrest. Lucas, 23, told the photog: “Thanks for supporting us.” When asked how La Beouf, 22, is doing following surgery on his hand Sunday, she nodded.“She’s okay, we’re good,” boyfriend Adrian Grenier said as he and the actress walked together in L. [From Us Weekly] TMZ has the video of the encounter, in which one of the people asking questions tells Grenier to let Lucas speak for herself.To his credit, he doesn’t respond or react to the guy, even though it would probably piss off a lot of people.Though Lucas isn’t talking to the press, her mother is, and she’s defending her daughter and Shia (by extension). Despite earning a pathetic 20% on Rotten, moviegoers came out in droves this past weekend to see the Shia La Beouf and Megan Fox show.

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