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The Student Health Service medical providers are available to discuss basic nutrition and fitness and to provide guidance on diet and fitness goals. Topics range from sexual health, healthy relationships, hazing, discrimination, stress management, time management, gambling and more!Appointments are available at mystudenthealth., choose “Medical Problem, New” as the visit type. By participating in a peer health education group here at UM, you will develop skills that will aid in your personal, academic, and professional development. Smoke Free Ambassadors Program We would like to get the students and employees who share a common interest and practice of wellness in the school and work environment involved in this very worthwhile and healthy program. Smart phone apps may also help you to achieve your health goals.

The Health Education Center Staff, including Peer Educators, are available to create and present programs and facilitate activities to meet your health education needs. University of Miami – Be Smoke Free Program The University’s award winning smoking cessation program, “I Quit with AHEC Be Smoke Free Program,” will begin offering group classes for individuals interested in quitting smoking.

Classes are offered in 6-week intervals which recur every six week.

Quitting smoking can be a long and difficult process.

Visit for a complete schedule and more information.

Call 305-243-7606 or email Mohammad Asad at [email protected] register for the Be Smoke Free Program.

University of Miami Student Health Service Medical providers at the Student Health Service are also available to offer assistance with smoking cessation.

E) Health Outreach Peer Educators (HOPE) are a diverse group of students who are trained to teach fellow students about pertinent health issues in a positive, interactive and nonjudgmental manner.With the aid of group classes, led by certified tobacco treatment specialist, individuals can get the support and tools necessary to become tobacco-free.This benefit is available to UM employees, students, and the community at no charge.This program is open to anyone with the desire to become smoke-free for life.University of Miami affiliates and Non-UM affiliates alike are encouraged to join us for this life-changing experience!For more health and wellness apps visit the health & wellness sections of Google Play and Apple ITunes.

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