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Hikari and Kei are the two big main characters in this series.

So Kei says they'll keep at it, then; they'll keep challenging each other. One day, Akira finally decides to stop running away from Tadashi and tell him the truth, and so she did.

When she told him, Tadashi felt a sigh of relief and that's when they finally expressed their feelings to become an official couple.

Megumi and Yahiro seem closer in the manga than they are in the anime, but they're still a couple in both.

Sakura fell in love with Jun because he matched her ideal type perfectly - someone like a prince.

When Sakura first saw Jun she fell head over heels for him, which got Ryuu and Megumi so protective over him.

At first Jun runs away from Sakura because of his personality problem, which makes Sakura heartbroken, but soon they express their feelings and reconcile.

In the manga, Kei proposes to Hikari in the final chapter, then asks for her reply. They had feelings for each other ever since the date they had in middle school, but they just never admit it to each other.Megumi first started dating Yahiro just because she didn't want him causing problems between Akira and Tadashi, but soon develops real feelings for him.Yahiro has rejected and hurt Megumi several times, but soon recognizes that she plays an important role in his life and that he needs her as a great supporter.The two first start off pretty bad but soon find their way to the perfect couple with lots of bumps and turns.Soon the two of them turn out to be a really great couple. Even though Jun has two personalities, he fell in love with Sakura when she said she loved both.However, Hikari says that if she says no, he doesn't win. Tadashi always insulted her as a joke, but she would always hit him back in a "friendly" way.

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