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We will back soon El Willy new joint el Ocho at taxiing Lu Had good expectation for this place. They advertised for a Spanish food part with Spanish guitars, raffles and food and wine. Some people already orders the iberico ham and cheese plates and I thought, not bad.People starts coming in and then the disaster happened.

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The pumpkin risotto is really just out of this world good. But the clincher for me last night was the service save.

Ten minutes elapsed between courses and we started to get a little annoyed.

As special occasion we decided to order the chef special menu, it that means that the chef choose for you , like a tasting menu.

We were six and 2 of them they were vegetarian & gluten free, but that wasn't a problem, the two managers were serving only them as they had another menu.

Food was amazing, every bite was an experience , it's nice when you don't know what are you gonna eat and you try , I guess the best of the menu, sometimes in the restaurants you don't know what you order. At the end of the dinner , the GM asked who was the birthday person , and she brought a beautiful, colorful and tasty dessert, written happy bday , candles.

That was a very nice detail from them, also they took Polaroid pic , very funny and put it in a birthday card !!! Recommend : if you dine in el willy ask the managers for recomemdation. Paid the 150 and was given 10 coupons to exchange for drinks or food. The food choices( for a suppose to be Spanish food party) was limited to inerico ham, a cheese plate or chorizos.

Now I realize that for Restaurant Week menus a lot of these nights go in lockstep, pumping out the dishes at the same time for all the diners at a particular sitting on the RW menu. Mentioned to the fuwuyuan and she promised to "cui yixia". This is my second time in el Willy, and I asked myself why we can not come more often!!!!The foreign manager out of the corner of her eye caught it as she walked passed, ducked in and asked if there was anything wrong. The first time we came everything was good , no complaints , food delivery in right time, service very attentive , even Willy came to our table.But this time was so special , we came with a party of 6, it was a birthday dinner.We arrived and they gave us a no very nice table , but we asked to moved and within few minutes we were in the best table of the restaurant , manager were so nice with us.El Willy is for me pound for pound kuai for kuai bite for bite the best Western fine dining in town.Did the Restaurant Week menu last night and conclude that it still holds the crown. And we felt pretty full which is not always the case with tapas things.

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