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Average time people stay on site is 5 minutes, 55 seconds, it tell us about site and content quality.From Spain - 25.6%, from Germany - 14.1%, from United States - 8.0%.

holds the 100797th position in the global traffic ranking.

The countries in which is most popular are: Russia, United States, Turkey, Ukraine, Canada, India, Germany, Estonia, India, Germany, Estonia.

Our servers hunt down information about just for you.

Including IP, Hosting Information United States and Random Statistics, like revenue estimations (11.91$/day!

), estimated worth (8,734.00$) and plenty of other goodies.

You may want to know that certain key words pop up, yep is all about: dating, russian, singles, women, bull, yep; dating is written 31 times (density of 4.43), russian is written 17 times (density of 2.43), singles is written 15 times (density of 2.14), women is written 11 times (density of 1.57), bull is written 8 times (density of 1.14) The website is frequented by 9921 visits per day, and this website is W3c No.

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