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The worst thing that can happen is that she ignores you, which isn’t any different than your situation with her now.Furthermore, there is a good chance she might want you to contact her. Once you’ve gotten it out of your head that there is anything wrong with contacting her, I generally use the tried and true "Hey Stranger" approach to get things going: 1.

Something like, "Yeah, everyone told me I fell off the face of the Earth, I got a new job and it’s way less demanding. " It’s not necessary to go into a long apology about your absence.

Just acknowledge that yeah, it’s been awhile, and then change the subject. The fact that she responded is already a very good sign.

Just give her a "Hey stranger, how’ve you been." Nothing more is really needed. If you run into her in person, you’re already ahead of the game.

Initial contact is virtually done for you, she is right there, in front of you, just say hi! Chances are she didn’t reply because of something logistical (e.g.

If she stops and chats for a bit, then you are onto Step 2. she moved and got a new phone number awhile ago) that would have prevented you guys from meeting up anyway. If she responds but you sense she’s upset you’re reaching out to her, that can happen.

Maybe she was really into you, but you got really busy at work, and eventually lost touch because you were working crazy hours.

Just saw/heard/whatever something that reminded me of you…" You can also use the "accidental text" method but I find it is easier to just reach out with a "reason" you suddenly were reminded of them. If she is someone you met up with online, and you can contact her via the same online dating site, then you have two options here. The other is to just use the same ‘Hey stranger’ message, but you don’t even need a ‘reason.’ She is online, she is looking for someone to date.It could be the hot girl you went out with a few times last year, or the girl you exchanged some e-mails with on but never ended up seeing.Perhaps it was a girl you liked but never made a move on in your days, or maybe it’s some girl you hooked up with a long time ago and wouldn’t mind hooking up with again.Whatever the scenario, it’s a common situation to want to reconnect with a woman after a long period of no contact. If you’re feeling any hesitation, it’s probably because you’re thinking, "man, it’s kind of weird reaching out to her, she’s gonna think I’m coming out of the blue." But get that out of your head.While the task may seem daunting, it’s actually quite doable. You haven’t talked to this girl in ages anyway, so what do you have to lose by making an initial contact?If she says something like, "I’m good, I am sure you are busy with work," then you want to acknowledge then pivot.

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