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Many of these were ‘shotgun weddings’, where the couple married due to pregnancy.In the 19th century and through most of the 20th century, teenage pregnancy outside of marriage generated moral disapproval.

Adolescence seems to have evolved to allow humans to acquire new mental, physical and social skills.

Teen marriages were relatively uncommon in the 2000s, yet in 1971 one in three marriages involved teenage women.

Perceptions that teenagers are having sex earlier and earlier, and that more of them are doing so, are unfounded.

In 2001 less than 20% of 13-year-olds reported that they had had sex.

The likelihood of sex rose with age, and about 50% of those aged 17 and over reported having sex.

Rates of reported condom use were 60–80%, but these figures are probably inaccurate, given New Zealand’s high rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

In 2000 puberty occurred three years earlier on average than it did in most western societies a century earlier – probably largely because of improved nutrition.For New Zealanders in the early 2000s, puberty increasingly began before the teenage years, although the general trend toward earlier puberty seemed to be slowing.Beginning to have sex during the teenage years (often with the sanction of marriage) has been the norm throughout recorded history.Since the late 1960s most New Zealanders have had their first sexual experience during their teens and outside marriage.Humans are the only animals that have a prolonged adolescence spanning the second decade of life.Other species quickly make the transition from juveniles to adults.

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