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There are snacks and juice and fill-in-the-blank worksheets.

Ladies, I’ll give you an extra minute to allow you to peel yourselves off of the ceiling.

Whoopsiedaisy, you’ve got a little foam at the corner of your mouth.

Let’s read on and see what author and Foundation for the Family creator John F.

Kippley has to say next about this concept dubbed “husband headship.” I suspect that some young women will have trouble with this.

It goes against the grain of a certain feminism (as contrasted with femininity) that pervades the late 20th Century and which disregards the real differences between men and women.

To such women I offer this counsel: out of love for your husband, accept and respect the biblical, spiritual principle of husband headship.

Add naptime and cubbies and take away the sex talk and it’s kindergarten all over again!When we’re done, my fiancé and I adjourn to nearby Cactus Cantina, where over lunchtime salsa and chips we actually have productive conversations that I think will put us in better shape before we get married. What I do detest though is the book that we’re required to read three chapters of each week.(Even that has its saving grace though: we don’t ever discuss them in class.We’re on the honor system.) It’s important to note at this point that the book is not written specifically for Catholics.Rather, it generically targets Christians, published by a group called The Foundation for the Family.Early on, my loathing for this book focused on its jackhammering about the evils of contraception. Chapter 6 is titled: I’ll give you a minute and let you mull that one.

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