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Whether a dog attack is motivated by jealousy, frustration, a pack mentality or a “killer instinct,” doesn’t matter after an event like this.

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The posting came after several members of the media requested to obtain still and video images of the dogs for their continuing coverage of this terribly tragic event. We, on the contrary, have a long history of supporting the appropriate adoption and treatment of domestic animals.

We did feel, however, that including the video on our Facebook page would be an opportunity to provide a public service.

browse: | Must Read Posts | sticky stories, activism, columnists, dog laws & bsl, dogfighting, criminal trials, family dog attacks, fatal dog attacks, humane groups, pit bull owners, pet attacks, police shootings, editorials, senior citizen attacks, victims of attacks, special reports & events The Hernando County Sheriff's Office released still images of both fatally attacking dogs to their Facebook page yesterday along with a message to so-called "animal lovers" who are upset that the sheriff's office also allowed the media to capture video footage of the dogs.

Max and Thumper, both male pit bull-mixes, attacked and killed 18-month old Declan Moss on Monday.

Quickly afterward, his mother Sheila Moss defended the breed of the dog.

We greatly thank the sheriff's office for releasing the images. Also, to clarify the "animal lover" language, the vast majority of Facebook users complaining to the sheriff's office were pit bull advocates, upset that images identifying the breed of dog were released to the public at all.

We all like to think that something like this could never happen in our home.We believe that we can pick out a vicious dog when we see one.Unfortunately, as you can see from the videos, it would be impossible to predict a tragic attack like this based solely on the temperament or demeanor of the dog, especially when interacting with adults under normal circumstances.It is for this reason that we want every parent and guardian to be aware that medium and large size dogs can be unpredictable around young children and can inflict considerable damage in a short period of time.They do not want another damning fatal attack stacked onto the breed's horrific track record, which kills more people than all dog breeds combined.There has been a lot of discussion about our recent Facebook posting that included the video of the dog(s) involved in the fatal attack on Declan Moss.

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