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However, that will not be used for – schema validation issues – XML parsing issues – Endpoint configuration issues. For schema validation, you’ll want to extend org.soap.server.endpoint.interceptor. That’s it, now schema validation errors should conform to your own exception types.Payload Validating Interceptor to support exception handling. (This post is part 1 of series “spring-ws and exception handling”.

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Castor Unmarshalling Failure Exception.class org.castor.

Castor Validation Failure Exception.class org.config. Jaxb1Marshaller Bean Definition Parser.class org.config. Jaxb2Marshaller Bean Definition Parser.class org.config. Jibx Marshaller Bean Definition Parser.class org.config.

Xml Beans Marshaller Bean Definition Parser.class org.jaxb.

Jaxb Unmarshalling Failure Exception.class org.jaxb.

Jibx Unmarshalling Failure Exception.class org.jibx.

Xml Beans Marshalling Failure Exception.class org.xmlbeans.

SAXParse Exception; /** * Custom validating interceptor to force schema validation errors use our exception resolver. Xml Beans Unmarshalling Failure Exception.class org.xmlbeans. Xml Beans Validation Failure Exception.class org.xmlbeans. XStream Marshalling Failure Exception.class org.xstream. Files contained in spring-ws-1.5.0.jar: META-INF/MANIFEST. MF META-INF/maven/ META-INF/maven/ META-INF/maven/ META-INF/maven/ META-INF/maven/ META-INF/maven/ META-INF/maven/ META-INF/maven/ META-INF/spring.schemas org. Castor Marshalling Failure Exception.class org.castor.

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