Obstetric dating

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Upon opening the app you are directed from the loading page to a self-explanatory options page.This options area is where Perfect OB Wheel really excels – unlike many other OB Wheel apps that allow calculation based only on last menstrual period, this one allows the user a choice of entering data based on Last Menstrual Period (LMP), Conception Date, Due Date or Number of Gestational Weeks.

In the first section we are provided with information regarding dates and in the second section information that changes from day-to-day throughout the pregnancy, including expected fetal length & weight for the current gestational age.

The user also has the option of clicking on “Week X” from the data page and moving between weeks to view dates for a particular point in pregnancy.

The interface is well-designed and very simple to navigate.

While not exquisitely colorful or exciting in design, its simplicity speaks to the app’s purpose.

This wheel gets the job done without added frill in order to ensure speed and effectiveness of use.

It’s clean, straight-forward and far from cluttered – just what an app serving such a simple, yet extremely valuable, purpose should be.

The ability to enter dates in either wheel format or numerical-typing makes the app even more flexible than it first appears.By: Danielle Jones, MS3Obstetric wheels are a mainstay in clinical prenatal care, but they aren’t exactly optimal for carrying around.Their bulky shape makes them difficult to store anywhere other than in a white coat pocket and the flimsiness of their design allows for significant wear & tear with regular use.If you’re anything like me, you’d really like to move away from wearing a petri dish white coat every day, this is one reason the clinical utility of smart-phone apps is so interesting to me. has gotten it right with his simply-designed and incredibly useful app, Perfect OB Wheel.However, without a replacement that is time-efficient, accurate and easy-to-use, nobody is going to be tossing their traditional OB wheel any time soon. This intuitive app covers all the basics of an OB wheel and — thanks in large part to its intuitive design — makes date-calculations even faster than they would be using the old-fashioned way.Following entry of whatever tidbit of information is chosen, a one-click navigation to the data page provides a plethora of well-organized information regarding the pregnancy’s current state.

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