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The markets would mainly be used by local farmers to sell their produce.

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We start our tour of North Walsham in the market place.

In the middle ages, Norfolk had the greatest concentration of markets in the whole country - you would find a market every 10 miles or so!

North Walsham is a busy, mainly residential, North Norfolk town.

Flemish weavers came and settled in North Walsham in the 13th and 14th centuries, helping it become the heart of the woolen and weaving industry.

This brought prosperity to the town, leading to the construction of the fabulous church of St. In the early 18th century, the church was given a soaring tower, its height only beaten by Norwich cathedral.

However, in 1724, a rather heavy set of bells was rung for a lengthy period and the following day 2 sides of the steeple collapsed in front a horrified town!

The market cross sits in the centre of the market place and was built to collect the rent for the market stalls.Today, the town has a wide-range of shops, refreshments and places to stay.It also has a modern leisure centre (with swimming pool).Its close proximity to both the Norfolk Coast and Norfolk Broads make North Walsham a good base for a holiday.Nearby Bacton Woods was bought by the Forestry Commission in the 1950's and there has been a wood here since Saxon times, partly because the soil is poor quality and not suitable for farming.The woods are great for a woodland walk or for mountain biking.

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