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Mrs Kelly Pierce,not a bad looking tranny who has been dumping cum on CB for quite some time she obviously can't get the porn video offers other trannys have gotten from exposure on this site because she's still here and they only come on once in a blue moon now when they run out of coke money and need to make some quick cash.I was in Mrs Pierces room for about 2 hours the other night and was the 3rd highest tipper, She was working CB and her "gold show" site {whatever that is}The CB viewers made goal and then were obliged to sit there and be ignored for 45 min.

If the review your reading reads like an Pros:its free to view, altho you will get shutout when the good stuff starts of course Cons:read the reviews if thats not enough for you then go ahead...sucker Patrick does NOT recommend Chaturbate to friends/family I have run into this in many differant ways, Just yesterday i visited greenleaf4u's cam and after tipping 200 tokens not even 5 min. Ok i can see how that could happen on occasion but later that night she came on and i visited her and she did the SAME DAM THING!

I have also seen girls who will sit for an hour or longer with a set goal to do a show and as soon as they get close to making that goal they tell you "well i can't stay any longer and we didn't make goal so see ya suckers" No checks or balances to protect the viewer and when they say 24hr support i guess they didn't mean 24 a row I'm currently trying to get those tokens back but i'm sure we all know how that will go.

keep your money and use this site for free and pay for a hooker to enjoy real contact with a woman instead of cam sluts who can just rip you off with no consequense Pros:it can be viewed for free but so can thousands of porn sites with much sexier women on video Cons:you will feel slighted and used I would never buy tokens these women have the attitude you owe them something for NOTHING!

Patrick does NOT recommend Chaturbate to friends/family This site and all others like it are just there to take advantage of poor pathetic losers who are to socialy inept to get laid.

These whores think way to highly of themselves and for the most part are uneducated women who have nothing but their tits and ass to get them thru this world.

i have actually seen some of these women want 20 bucks worth of tokies just to get a 2 second flash of their worthless tits.

the other 5 were ignored as were the 3 questions i asked.Her tip me,tip me spam was scrolling so fast chat was useless.She spent to much time telling everyone about how much money she wasn't making and when she finally did her "show" (masturbation with cumshot)She all but ignored the CB viewers and played to the other cam,.know, the one that DIDN'T make goal.She gave the CB cam a few quick side glances just to check token count i'm sure.The whole thing was insulting and useless but expect that kind of thing from CB it happens all the time. get off CB and quit fucking(not in the good way)people. I'm sure her face was under there someplace..while she smiled and played to the OTHER site gave her a thumbs down and left...never to return.a waste of time and money as per usual on this site.

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