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Yesterday, served our readers with some hot and juicy gossip about the cast and crew of Zee TV’s Meri Saasu Maa (Mumtaz Saba Productions) suffering from the impact of the ‘extreme unprofessional behaviour’ of actors Pearl V. Their mushiness and romantic mood set even while shooting has been creating a chaotic ambience for all associated with the show.Yesterday, minutes after our exclusive appeared, Hiba apparently grew wild at Aanchal’s comment to the media.

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Bat an eyelid and there is one thing that would have certainly changed fashion.

If sources are to be believed, Pearl and Hiba got pulled up by the Producers for their unprofessional behaviour, and were asked to show better behaviour on sets.

We tried contacting Hiba, Pearl and even Aanchal but could not get through to them.

We also tried buzzing Producers Rahul Tewary and Saba Mumtaz for a quote on this, but they chose not to respond.

We also tried contacting the channel spokesperson, but did not get any revert from them till the time of filing the story.

An eye witness from the incident confided in us, “An unexpected scenario broke out when Hiba reacted wildly to the news that broke out.She got into Aanchal’s room and took the latter by shock when she started hurling abuses at her, using words beyond explanation.Aanchal asked Hiba to control her tongue for quite a long time during the argument.However, at the end she just could not take more, and gave it back to Hiba.” The worst thing that could happen was Pearl getting involved in the argument between the two ladies.Our source further said, “When Hiba got into a verbal clash with Aanchal, the dutiful lover of hers, Pearl followed suit and supported his lady by mincing no words to abuse Aanchal.” We hear that the scene got so bad that the Producers (Rahul Tewary and Saba Mumtaz), who had assembled on the set to celebrate the show’s 100 episodes achievement had to intervene and bring the fight to a stop.We hope peace prevails and the unit of Meri Saasu Maa gets back to a ‘smooth sailing’ shoot schedule soon...

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