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Students entering into Pre-AP (Honors) English will need to be aware of these summer reading assignments.

Schools may prohibit projects using hazardous chemicals or animals, so play it safe and avoid anything that might raise red flags with your teacher.

The only survival guide a middle school kid will ever need. Although the book is written for young people, it contains middle school tips for parents, too.

Middle school happens at that tumultuous time in life when ones not a teenager and not a little kid. Expectationsfrom teachers, parents, friends, siblingscan all change dramatically, causing worry and concern even for the most laid-back student.

The Middle School Survival Guide covers every issue, including middle school tips for parents, with middle school tips on inside school and out, from the most trivial concerns to the most serious issues that middle school students face today.

Arlene Erlbach has assembled a teen advisory board of 200 kids between fifth and tenth grade who give advice about topics from cracking a locker combination, to dealing with multiple teachers, to sex and dating.

A Time Travel into History White House History At this site explore any of the 12 accessible rooms.

If you want to learn to negotiate the tricky dating world that is your local middle school, you can learn a few tricks and tips to make it go as smoothly as possible.You can learn how to ask someone out the right way, and how to spend time together when you're without car or income.It can be a challenge to come up with a middle school science fair project idea.There is fierce competition to come up with the coolest idea, plus you need a topic that is considered appropriate for your educational level.I've arranged science fair project ideas by topic, but you might like to take a look at ideas according to education level. Middle school students may do alright with projects that describe or model phenomena, but if you can answer a question or solve a problem, you will excel. Aim for a typed presentation with visual aids, such as pictures or physical examples.Choose a project you can do fairly quickly, to give you time to work on the report (no longer than a month).

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