Lauren london and trey songz dating

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Theirs was one of Hollywood’s greatest romances, on screen and off.Yet it began with an adulterous passion, and ended in agonising illness.

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He kept yelling that he hadn’t married me just to lose me to a baby. When Bogie flew to the Congo three years later, to film The African Queen, I went with him, even though I was terrified of bugs and nearly went into hysterics on the first night when I found a scorpion in my bathroom.

The lyricist Ira Gershwin invited us to meet Leonard Bernstein, the composer of West Side Story and a genuine genius.

The only cause my husband Humphrey Bogart ever gave me to be jealous was not of a woman but of a boat — a racing yacht called the Santana. After three years, my doctor told me the problem was that I needed to relax.

He was in love with her sleek lines, and the way she moved in the water. Think of the good time we’re having, Bogie used to say — making love is the most fun you can have without laughing.

We were blissfully happy, though like any married couple we had occasional rows.

One erupted on our second Christmas together, surrounded by friends. When I first arrived in California at 18, I was such an innocent that I ordered ginger ale and thought myself sophisticated. He grabbed it from the floor, so hurt and angry that after all his planning I simply dumped his gift on the floor and stomped on it.

Today, she continues the story, recalling their tempestuous marriage — and his battle with cancer. We were trying for a baby, but it didn’t happen straight away.He was ravishing to look at, with enormous vitality, energy, and a great sense of fun. Not only did my nice-Jewish-girl syndrome get in the way, but I knew that, though Bogie might put up with flirtation, if I was ever really unfaithful he would leave me.He valued character more than anything, and he trusted mine.We hadn’t made a film together in eight years, since Key Largo, but in 1956, now that both the children were a little older, we started making plans: there was a book we liked, called Melville Goodwin, USA, a love story between a military man and a female politician.I threw my arms around him and swore I loved the coat, but he was having none of it. The day I told him I was pregnant, we had the biggest shouting match of our lives.It hadn’t occurred to me that, 48 years old and childless, he wasn’t ready to be a father. But he knew how much I wanted a child, and he promised he would get used to the idea of being called Dad.

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