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Only the creators of the games can post in this folder. We recommend you create a list of the resources you are using in a journal or some another place you can update easily, then simply link back to it when needed. Only games that properly credit/source ALL the resources they are using will be allowed!

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If I work on it now I'll just be forcing myself and probably would do a bad job, I want this game to be good for you guys so when I do get my inspiration back I'll work on it again!

Sorry for the wait for all those who love this game!

They should clearly state what game they belong to (again, remove older ones)If old demos or screenshots are not removed, new submissions concerning the game will be rejected! uwu And shortly after a journal will display who they all are!

Admins may delete older deviations from the gallery to keep the folder clean of spam. For those of you who don't win: I don't want anyone who 'loses' to think that their idea was 'bad', 'not good enough', etc.

So many people have entered, and sadly, I can only give out so much uwu; You all tried very hard and gave your best!

Bleach (c) Tite Kubo Credits: Vectors: credits TBAMusic: Still Doll by Kanon Wakeshima (Also the ending theme for VK)BTW I added in a Ulquihime moment, so don't hate me if you don't like Ulquihime! x DNOTE: I currently lost my inspiration for this game so I haven't been working on it in awhile.

Follow this guide to "fair use of resources, crediting and sourcing"Up to 3 screenshots from your game can be displayed in this gallery.Remove old screenshots before you submit more than 3.Make sure they are very different from each other and relevant.Screenshots for games that are a work-in-progress (WIP) must be submitted to the "Projects Development" folder. For those of you looking for the contest's journal with the rules on it,go here: will be shown on the 20th.Up to 1 or 2 illustrations related to your game can be submitted. A Note will be sent out to each of the winners and we can talk about the prizes you'll be receiving and what not!I'm not giving up on it completely but waiting for my inspiration to come back.

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