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A flatter-shooting, faster bullet with a streamlined shape was needed.This would also allow to do away with the perceived-obsolete adjustable rearsight (empirical research had found out about everywhere that the soldiery did not bother to adjust their sights and would only hit their individual targets at close distances any how, (larger caliber) machine guns being prefered for anything beyond 200 metres.

I think that the following conjectures are reasonable: The 6.5mm cartridge with its heavy, ballistically disadvantaged roundnose bullet has a rather curved trajectory.

Considering that the battle sights of all M91 guns started at 300 metres, they would shoot too high at the closer distances where most fire was conducted.

So, it is no wonder that a single-based nitrocellulose powder was soon invented, the all-Italian "Solenite".

The cartridge was then called M91/95 and always retained this name.

The change was gradual, the last ball cartridges with Ballistite being produced in 1905/1906.

For special applications (such as blanks), Ballistite was retained.

by Alexander Eichener As far as Carcani are concerned, the chicken-and-egg question can be answered clearly: the 6.5x52 cartridge came first, and only then a weapon was tailored around it.Incidentally, its rimmed predecessor, developed by Italian technicians who heavily drew on Swiss experiments, probably was copied by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher and lateron he presented it to the world as "his" 6.5x53R Romanian and Dutch (the Brits called their Kynoch hunting loads ".256 Mannlicher").The first cartridge type, called M91 like the rifle, used a hot two-based propellant, Alfred Nobel's Ballistite.Not only was it erosive and rapidly ruined the rifle's throats, but the Italian state also had to pay royalties to Nobel.This cartridge was designed after 1935, and first entered service in 1938, together with the new M38 short rifle variant. Credit for the creation of this round (which is basically a necked-up 6.5x52, the case of which has been slightly shortened during the necking up, just as the Swedish 7x54 and 8x54 semi-wildcats) is usually given to Giuseppe Mainardi.The reasons for the caliber change are still not entirely clear, and archival research will have to be conducted to answer the question decisively.

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