Embarrassing dating profiles

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It was, “There are many dying children out there whose last wish it is to meet me.” If I were David, I’d be so embarrassed by that quote.Then again, if you’re David Hasselhoff you’re probably protected by misguided narcissism and don’t really know you should be embarrassed, in the same way that William Shatner probably feels no shame for his tour de force cover of Rocket Man.

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I come from a large family, who, though slightly eccentric (my granny will expect you to curtsey), are generally quite respectable.

My favourite night out is clubbing with my younger brother but I also like staying in with a DVD and a bottle of wine (favourite film: The Princess Bride).

Kate Attractive brunette with university education seeks tall, charming guy for fairytale romance.

Look how long it can take to shop for a good mango.

Do you really think that finding the perfect partner would be easy?

Looking for, and finding, the right one can take time and careful consideration.

However, one thing no one should feel embarrassed about is online dating. Often these people cannot get their egos around the fact that they want a partner, mate, loved one. As such, to them, actively searching, especially on online dating sites, equals pathetic. It’s as essential as food, water and HBO (seriously, was there even life before Dexter? That you want someone to share your life is nothing to be embarrassed about, and being without someone (and having to actively look) does not make you a loser.I come from a modest background but dream of one day living in a big house and travelling the world.I am family-oriented (I hope you are too) and I look forward to having my own little prince or princess in the future.Interests include fashion, art history, photography and films (favourite: The King and I).The other day, my niece gave me a book that had a quote from David Hasselholf.They got together at university, but what if they’d met online? William Good-looking, solvent young man seeks courteous, well-presented woman for fun, romance and defence of the realm.

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