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We met and after the usual formalities were out of the way we discussed what had happened that night almost a month ago.

I decided to go with the former since then and last night I saw her again.

We met for a drink at around 5pm in London at the Charlotte Street hotel which some of you may have heard of.

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I was already harbouring a semi in my trousers and had to readjust to hide myself from any onlookers.She looked into my eyes and I couldn't help myself as I leaned over and kissed her deeply.We then got the bill and got up and walked to the reception and asked for a room for the night.If you'd like to hear what happened afterwards let me know as I don't particularly want to write these if there is no interest.I submitted a post around a month ago regarding myself and my aunt in my bedroom one night.That post ended with me asking whether or not to follow up on this encounter with the idea of continuing the affair or calling an end to it.

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