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For example, columns cannot accept the value February 29 (except for a leap year) or the values 2 or 'SHOE'.Each value subsequently placed in a column assumes the data type of the column.

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Those restrictions are documented in the context of the relevant SQL syntax. Do not confuse built-in data types and user-defined types with external data types.

For information on external data types, including how Oracle converts between them and built-in data types or user-defined types, see ::= Description of the illustration ''rowid_datatypes.gif'' The ANSI-supported data types appear in the figure that follows.

The syntax of Oracle data types appears in the diagrams that follow.

The text of this section is divided into the following sections: A data type is either scalar or nonscalar.

A scalar type contains an atomic value, whereas a nonscalar (sometimes called a "collection") contains a set of values.

A large object (LOB) is a special form of scalar data type representing a large scalar value of binary or character data.

Oracle Database provides a number of built-in data types as well as several categories for user-defined types that can be used as data types. The data type of a value associates a fixed set of properties with the value.These properties cause Oracle to treat values of one data type differently from values of another. When you create a table or cluster, you must specify a data type for each of its columns.When you create a procedure or stored function, you must specify a data type for each of its arguments.These data types define the domain of values that each column can contain or each argument can have.LOBs are subject to some restrictions that do not affect other scalar types because of their size.

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