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Whether you're just dipping your toe into the deep end of digital love, or are wont to listen to Taylor Swift while skimming user profiles, PCMag's tips for online dating will help you do everything from compose a winning profile to keep your financial life intact to find your perfect match. Do some research, ask family and friends, and choose a reputable dating site. Do not post photos of family or friends (especially without permission). Don't dwell on your high school trip to Paris when you visited Barcelona two months ago. If available, use the dating site's instant messaging and email features instead of handing out your personal addresses. Beware of unexpected email attachments, especially those sent to a personal account (such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo). Remain on a first-name basis as long as possible, but learn his or her full name before the first date. Search for your date on Google and Facebook to get a feel for his or her personality and history. Compare his or her dating profile to what you find on Linked In and other social media sites. Do not be shy about ordering a background check on someone before meeting. If you tend to overshare, try to be vague about your activities and partner. Remember that sarcasm does not breach written text. Pay attention to what you read in someone's profile, and ask questions based on their interests. Meet in person after about the fourth email—not too quickly, but not so drawn out that you become bored with each other. Always meet in public, whether it's the first or eighth date. Share a profile picture of your date with family and friends, or, if possible, discreetly snap a photo to share in case of emergency.

In fact, he may be a serial killer, or she a married mother of three. Create a Google Voice or Skype phone number and separate email address exclusively for online dating. Restrict your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles to friends-only.

But, if you're imagining another Valentine's Day alone, with a half-eaten box of chocolates melting onto the When Harry Met Sally… DVD case—already tear-stained and crusty with specks of Ben & Jerry's ice cream—maybe this is the year to give online dating a chance. Some offer free membership, others require a monthly or annual fee. Understand what you're looking for before signing up.

But you can help to manufacture it—via the Internet.

Online dating once held such a stigma that only your therapist and closest, least judgmental friends knew about your digital escapades. And research the company's password history, in an attempt to avoid another e Harmony-like hack. If available, carefully read the site's FAQ or safety tips. Try to convince a friend to sign up as well, for protection and commiseration. Study martial arts three times a week for about eight to 10 years. Use your Web browser's Incognito mode, if it has one. Stand out from the crowd with specific, unique profile details. Include no fewer than three photos—the more the better.

But over the years, as more matches were made, the shame of meeting you significant other on the Internet has faded. Download or update your computer's antivirus software. (If it doesn't, download a browser that supports private surfing.) 13. You don't want to generate false expectations before meeting someone. Remember that you're making a first impression—be your best possible self. Remain consistent among different dating sites, but don't copy and paste your spiel across them. Do not post selfies, but throw in a full-body (and fully clothed) shot.

The Pew Research Center's Internet Project confirmed in October that online daters are increasingly finding lasting love on the Web. Set up a dummy account on free sites so you can look at someone's profile without arousing suspicion. Remain anonymous at first, until you feel comfortable with the online dating process. Once you've found your footing, make sure your profile is not private, so other users can see that you've looked at their profile. Do not share your location beyond a state or large city (New York, Boston, Chicago, etc.). Use the website's rating or "liking" system to keep track of promising users and to show your interest. Use caution when accessing your online profile from a public computer. Avoid using automatic logins, even on your home computer. Remember: Women subtract 10-20 pounds and men add 2 inches—to what, you'll find out.

Block and immediately report verbally and/or physically abusive users. Never provide bank account information or agree to lend someone money. Be cautious if someone claims to live locally but is currently out of the country. Completely cut off communications if you feel uncomfortable. Jump back in after a month or two in the real world. Always dump someone in person, or in a phone conversation, if necessary. If you're feeling jaded or burned out by online dating, take a break. It could take just one embarrassing spelling error to turn off the perfect mate. Play the field; don't pin all your hopes on just one potential online match. Online sparks do not always mean real-life fireworks. Avoid talking about your financial status, exes, or baby-crazy mindset until at least date number six. If you've hit a dry spell, refresh your account settings—change the distance you're willing to travel, update photos, and rethink your position on pets or a future family—to find new matches. Expand your horizons: Do not dismiss someone just because you don't immediately jibe with their personality, hobbies, location, etc. Be adventurous and date outside of your "usual type." 56. Treat e-dating opportunities and relationships like any others: Just because you met online doesn't mean you shouldn't respect each other. But let's face it: Internet dating rarely turns out to be a You've Got Mail "meet cute," with flowers, flowy skirts, and Central Park sunshine. No, you're not Tom Hanks, and she's not Meg Ryan—wittily bantering over a couple of cappuccinos and a copy of Pride and Prejudice.

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