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All these features are checked annually under the DIACAP (activity #4).

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8510.01 is being changed to reflect the NIST SP 800-37, with security controls matching that of the NIST SP 800-53.

This information is being released on the DIACAP Knowledge Service** This activity is marked by actually putting the IA Controls into action.

This means not only coordinating with software and/or system developers and engineers, but testing the IA Controls once they have been implemented.

The cost, time and energy it takes to accomplish all the IA Controls can be intimidating at first glance.

Some engineers, program managers and system owners will resist the implementation of IA Controls, particularly if it is a legacy system that has operated just fine for years without any security controls.

When dealing with reluctant customers the best thing you can do is come to meetings armed with federal regulations, operating instructions and mandates that have been issued by the Do D and signed by generals.

Implementing the security controls can be a challenge.Execute the DIACAP Implementation Plan Executing the DIACAP Implementation Plan is the most critical part of the DIACAP process because it focuses almost exclusively on the assigned security controls.Your system may very well get an authorization to operate but if it does not have the appropriate security controls it could be a detriment to an organization and anything its is attached to by being an enormous vulnerability that is easily hacked or, more likely, a wasteful product that is very difficult to support in the long term.If anything, it is more important to get the IA Controls implemented than it is to get the system approved although the process is such that you should not have one without the other.IA Controls are not just about security but include what the Air Force has called SISSU which stands for security, interoperability, sustainability, supportability and usability.**28 Sept 2011– DIACAP is being changed to the Do D Risk Management Framework.

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