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In the first books, she stays away from Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen's social scene, resenting the Upper East Side way of life and preferring the company of Dan Humphrey, her best friend, and her sister Ruby.She has had a huge crush on Dan ever since they met on a fire escape when they were both locked out of a party, but Dan had always been too in love with Serena van der Woodsen to realize it.

Her dream is to one day attend NYU and major in film.

Her hippie artist parents live in Vermont but allowed her to move to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to live with her sister Ruby.

She later becomes friends with Blair Waldorf, and they become short-lived room mates.

She takes much from her, becoming more open to the Upper East Side way of life and later semi-adapting to Blair's sense of fashion (though she once quipped that she would not be wearing snakeskin Manolos anytime soon) She begins a relationship with Aaron Rose, Blair's stepbrother, only to cheat on him with Dan come graduation.

Dan and Vanessa once again become a couple, but with Vanessa taking a job as an assistant for Ken Mogul (and later a babysitter) and Dan cheating on her yet again with a leggy blond named Bree, they break up.

Dan has a period of crisis when he thinks that he is gay after kissing a guy at work, but Vanessa stands by him.

Vanessa is very fond of making dark films and spends most of her time filming people and objects.She agrees to move in with Rufus Humphrey (having been kicked out of her apartment by her sister Ruby and her new fiance Piotr) during the fall when she goes to NYU.Dan turns out to be straight, and they spend the time they have together before college being a real couple.In I Will Aways Love You, it was revealed that Vanessa grew her hair out.Vanessa Abrams is a fictional character in the Gossip Girl (novel series). Vanessa was introduced on the first season as a recurring character, but became series regular after a successful run due to the popularity of their character, but left the series at the end of the fourth season.Described as sullen, with a shaved head and black clothing, Vanessa is a budding filmmaker and Constance student on scholarship.

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