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This model is common for journals in small, niche areas of research, and especially (but not exclusively) in the arts and humanities.Journals are produced entirely within the academy and published online for free, and sometimes in print for a small subscription charge to cover the printing and distribution costs.

Open Access journals are published under a variety of business models.

Costs need to be covered and there are various ways of doing this.

Sustainable Manufacturing Consulting offers its expertise and services to small- and medium-sized manufacturing companies interested in adopting sustainability principles, methods, and tools in their business model and decision-making process.

Apiva is a full-service advertising company that deals with everything from web development, printing, large format graphics, signage and photography, and videography services. When you're ready for your free safety-stock analysis, call us: What We Do • Who We Are • Services Safety-Stock Quiz • White Papers What's the Return on Your Investment?

The new Lime bike by Trek was developed from one simple insight: bike riding should be fun and uncomplicated.

Less people are riding bikes these days than ten or twenty years, and one of the reasons seems to be that bikes got too fussy.

Of course, the lower the cost base, the easier it is to develop a way of doing business that is sustainable.Smaller publishers and society publishers that do not have quite such a strong demand to create shareholder value find it is easier to switch to an Open Access model than large commercial publishers that need not only to reliably cover their operating costs but to produce a sizeable bottom-line figure.The main types of business model that allow a publisher to deliver Open Access content online are as follows.There are also examples of Open Access journal publishing that use combinations of these or variations on them.The technology and innovation got in the way of the experience.The Lime has three automatically changing gears, a comfortable seat, and it supposedly fun to ride.

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