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For example, did you know that you can make a girl think about sleeping with you just by looking at her lips when she talks instead of her eyes? in the course, they say that this doesn’t mean she actually WILL sleep with you…

it means she feels an emotional connection with you. That is what they talk about in the beginning of the sales video when the girl is yawning. Tian are definitely great guys who are there to answer any specific questions I had within the membership area.

I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of everything that is taught in the course. They are very thorough and compassionate in their coaching, but even aside from that, just the sheer amount of knowledge that came out of the videos and guides that are already there is life changing. When I say “put in the effort”, I don’t mean that you need to be super confident or walk up to the hottest girl at the bar right away.

This is just a review, for the official site – click here Looking for just the checkout and ready to buy? After watching the video of The Desire System, it seemed to be a bit over-hyped… My name is Rory Winton, and I purchased David Tian’s Desire System. I figured an in-depth review was in order because this program is not exactly for everyone. Tian is exactly in this video interview: Ready to check it out?

For the official site – click here So in this comprehensive system, everything is taught from how to approach women to controlling any situation, like initial rejection.

There are many ways to approach women effectively, but there are many more that will lead to her rejecting you before you have even begun to approach her.

It’s all about body language, neuro linguistic programming, timing, and several other detail-oriented factors.

I thought that was pretty interesting stuff, but when I went to try it out, I was even more amazed.So I get that the main video, where they’re trying to sell you the system, seems a bit hypey and like it is all just hocus pocus bulls**t. no matter how shy I was or how much I had failed with women in the past. Please understand that those are powerful words and should not be misunderstood. the methods are just as powerful and back up everything they claim… However, that’s another thing I really love about this program and what ultimately led me to pull the trigger and purchase it. Tian has his “get laid or I don’t get paid” refund guarantee. There are many ways you can test these techniques without even having the girl consciously know that you’re hitting on her.Once you’re inside and start to watch the videos, though, you will almost instantly become inspired and excited because you begin to see exactly how it works. you’ll begin to realize that even can easily do this. So the main “selling point” of this value-packed course is that you can “make a girl horny on command” or make her do this… but it will take some practice and you will need to put in the time to watch the videos, read the guides, listen to the audio, and just go through the training. This phenomenal 365-day refund policy is iron-clad and leaves no reason for anyone not to buy this course (unless they just aren’t serious). You can try it on the girl that is making your coffee at Starbucks, the waitress, even your friend’s girlfriend (without acting on it of course). You can try certain subtle techniques, for starters, on girls without it looking like you’re hitting on them at all or anything of that nature.It’ll just look like your having a completely normal conversation whether it is friendly small talk or a transactional interaction (like with your waitress).It is crazy how you can begin to control a certain situation and preemptively know what she is going to say, how she will act, etc.You can apparently tell a lot from how she feels or thinks of you by her body language. If she starts to mimic your gestures, facial expressions, or other mannerisms…

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