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) can be a very difficult thing in today's Christian world.This is partly because whilst there are many adventist churches around the country - they tend to be concentrated in the larger cities.

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Are you looking to meet singles who keep the seventh day Sabbath and adventist singles in general? Fusion101 is a completely free matrimonial and networking service for Adventist singles and those that adhere to advantist principles.

Rachel Remen, a cancer specialist for many years, had family friends who had a six-year old son, Kenny.

Rachel would often join Kenny in playing with his two much-loved toy cars but she longed to g...

More If a memorial death authenticates a holy life, then we can find strength in the death of John Calvin.

On February 6, 1564, Calvin, fifty-five years old, stood for the last time in his pulpit at S...

Adventists believe the Bible is the only source of their beliefs, knowledge and wisdom.Adventists consider their denomination to be a result of the Protestant conviction Sola Scriptura - the Bible as the only standard of faith and practice for Christians.Accordingly adventists wich to meet, mingle and marry other adventist Christian singles.Meeting other adventist singles that share your understadning and faith - especially the idea of keeping the Sabbath - a largely forgotten among modern Christians (though you only have to go back 100-200 years to find most of the normal Christian denominations keeping the Sabbath!Successfully matching single Adventists since 1974. We are the original Seventh-day Adventist singles connection ministry, and we endeavor to be the very best.If you're a member of the Adventist singles community and are looking for a life partner who shares your faith, our Adventist dating service is for you.

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