Accommodating multinational societies in nigeria

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The UK has some of the oldest and most established universities in the world, and consistently ranks in the top ten countries for graduate study in global league tables.It is at the forefront of modern technology, business, medicine and the arts, and is an innovative and exciting place to study your postgraduate degree.

Many UK universities have dedicated international societies to help new postgraduates make friends and they will organise typical British events such as trips to the countryside, theatre and pub.

UK citizens take sport seriously and football is a national obsession.

Masters programs in the UK generally last between 1-2 years, with Ph Ds taking up to four years to complete.

EU citizens are permitted to take a graduate program in the UK providing they fulfil the following: It is normally also necessary to demonstrate that you have adequate study abroad travel insurance, which you must buy before you travel.

You can find out more about visas at the UK Border Agency.

The UK has a high standard of living and is a great place to study for your postgraduate course.

Population: 62,640,000 The UK education system is home to more than 160 higher education institutions, offering more than 55,000 postgraduate courses.Graduate programs in the UK fall into three main categories: Taught Masters are postgraduate courses that follow a similar pattern to undergraduate study, with lectures, seminars and tutorials.You will be expected to research topics yourself and take and independent approach to studying.Research Masters are often seen as pre-cursor to a Ph D.You will research a particular topic independently and focus on improving your research skills to produce a dissertation or final projects.It is a very multi-cultural place and is used to welcoming international students on graduate programs.

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