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“Ashley’s grandmother wanted to come, but she just couldn’t wrap her head around the whole naked thing.” VH1 isn’t the only network to feature people taking it all off in prime time.In fact, naked TV seems to be becoming a regular subgenre of reality programming, with the Discovery Channel’s adventure/survival series Naked and Afraid serving as the granddaddy of skin-baring fare.

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“These people have met and dated naked, and this is a success story.” By all accounts, the bare-all union made for a joyous occasion, even if it was super awkward for the couple’s close friends and family members, who were forced to adhere to the clothing-not-optional rule along with the young, well-toned stars.

“They looked confused, and they were definitely nervous,” says Dating Naked cast member Christina “Wee Wee” Porcelli, who met her boyfriend Joe Pappas on the show’s first episode.

To say that this wedding is unconventional doesn’t quite capture the essence of the nuptials of reality show contestants Ashley and Alika.

First off, the bride and groom met with the TV cameras rolling and decided to get hitched after just three months.

Six other couples who are attending the wedding fell for each other under the same televised circumstances.

A shaman presides over the ceremony, with backup from a chanting yogi and drum circle.

Nowhere in sight can one find the usual trappings—no flower girl, no ring bearer, no tulle or tuxedos.Boutonnieres are also in short supply—though bug spray could come in handy.Some of the invited guests are more anxious than even the happy couple—who, even if they don’t get cold feet, may well experience sunburn.For you see, everybody here—the bride and groom, wedding party and guests—is butt naked. For the Viacom-owned basic cable channel, it was a no-brainer to film the union and televise it as an hour-long special, extending the series’ 10-episode run with what are likely to be big ratings.Even if you haven’t been tuning into VH1’s summer hit Dating Naked—which has attracted more than 1 million viewers per episode and plenty of social buzz to boot—you might want to cue the DVR for television’s first all-nude wedding, airing Sept. Along the way, VH1 will make TV history—and no doubt incense the morals-and-family-values crowd.The wedding “felt like a natural spinoff special,” says VH1 president Tom Calderone, who calls Dating Naked “the most honest dating show on TV.” “Witnessing a naked wedding is funny and outrageous enough, but it shows what happens when the stakes are that high,” he adds.

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