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One day you might come home to find you hazel-eyed, brunette lady as a sparkling blonde; on a Saturday she’ll take you on a weekend escape to her in Kyustendil and next thing you know, she’ll be driving you across the border to Greece for some olives and baklava, only to prove that her baklava is waaay better. If you’re sad, we’ll be your shrink and listen patiently.Our moms teach us the classic “a man’s love goes through his stomach,” so prepare for opulent dinners of ?

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Join now to get chatting with these East European girls and find your true love.

On this site you can find dating profiles posted by single women and girls from all over Eastern Europe including: Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Poland, Serbia and Albania read here for tips staying safe dating online We take your security and privacy at

We, Bulgarian women, are convinced that the key to a happy relationship is surprises and spontaneity. If you’re sick, we’ll nurse you to health (provided that you trust our superior self-medication skills enough).

You’ll be dancing nights away, followed by photographers and an accordion band, and the whole thing will cost you less than $5,000 because the BGN is at a rate begging to be bought.

Caution: if you’re an only child you should be especially weary about getting serious with your Bulgarian girlfriend!

Were you to become engaged to her, you’re also making a commitment to her parents, siblings and cousins, so you’ll never have a minute alone between pounding shots of by her great aunt and hunting with her dad at the woods of Golyam Varbovnik.

God forbid you ever married your Bulgarian girlfriend, because you’ll be partying for 3 days straight with your new brothers and sisters-in-law, cousins, aunts, uncles and nephews.Our East European dating site is still free, completely 100% free: Translation into multiple languages Everything on our website is available in Ukrainian, Russian and Romanian as well as many different Eastern and Western European languages.Free messaging and chat Free chat facility for all users.Our dating site features girls from Eastern European countries such as Romanian women or Ukrainian girls.The site is completely free to use and you can browse all profiles and message any users.The site is also used by Russian, Serbian, Polish and Bulgarian women and Slovenian, Czech or Slovakian women who mostly are looking for love abroad in western Europe or America.

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